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    Top 6 reasons to rent with Flexirent

    The problem with buying new technology outright is that it often depreciates in value quickly. Equipment like computers, tablets, and smartphones also often become obsolete as new models are rolled out, and it can be extremely costly to keep up with all the latest products you need by paying the full price every time you want to upgrade. Renting technology with Flexirent eliminates the need to have to pay large sums of money outright for the latest technology.

    What are some of the other great benefits?

    Renting equipment with Flexi allows you to:

    1. Easily manage your budget

    • Choose from 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 month terms to select a time frame and monthly payment amount to suit your budget
    • No deposit or set up fees required
    • Transparent terms and no hidden costs

    2. Get multiple products on one plan

    If you take out rental finance for more than one piece of equipment you can bundle all payments and terms into one agreement. Rent the latest laptop, printer, hard drive and software, and just pay one fixed low monthly payment. If you later decide there’s something else you need, you can simply add equipment at any stage during your agreement, and we’ll update your monthly payments accordingly subject to suitability assessment. You can also add larger appliances for your home to your existing rental agreement. Find out more about the benefits of bundling equipment and appliances.

    3. Be protected if something goes wrong

    Because you rent (as opposed to own) the equipment, you enjoy peace of mind in case something goes wrong with your technology. Find out more about how Flexirent protects you against lost, damaged or stolen equipment.

    4. Access special discounts on other products

    As a Flexirent customer, you benefit from FlexiGroup’s range of products. This includes Blink, which offers Flexirent customers discounted mobile broadband plans for mobile internet when you’re out of the home or office. See our rates on mobile broadband from Blink.

    5. Benefit from tax deductions

    If you use your Flexirent equipment for business purposes your rental payments can be up to 100% tax deductable, making your actual monthly payments cheaper*.

    6. Enjoy flexible End of Term options

    Once your rental agreement has ended, Flexirent offers customers a number of different end of term options, depending on whether you have rented electrical or computing equipment. Learn more about the range of end of term options available to you. It makes sense to rent your equipment with Flexirent so call 1800 240 102 or Get a Quote today!

    #Applies to computer technology only. Replacement within 1 business day subject to delivery to an Australian metro area and request made during business hours. Account must not be in arrears.
    †Applies to electrical technology only. If equipment requires more than 2 warranty repairs in 2 years, on the third repair we will provide a replacement product, rather than fix and return your old equipment. Account must not be in arrears.
    ^ See product terms and conditions. 
    * Tax deductions may apply. Flexirent does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. See your tax advisor for details.