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    • NCR SQL POS Connect

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      NCR SQL POS Connect is communications software that makes it easy and secure to manage multiple point of sale terminals with a single tool. Now, operators with NCR Quest POS terminals running third-party, point of sale packages (or other approved software) can configure, manage and optimise those terminals. It also empowers management to quickly and transparently address the needs of the business; no matter how dynamic.

    • NCR Hospitality Manager

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      NCR Hospitality Manager provides managers and owners with all the tools they need to manage their site efficiently and thereby increase profitability. This comprehensive venue management solution provides business users with inventory and staff management, customer loyalty and reporting functionality at a glance. It also automates pricing and enables full transaction auditing, enhancing control over item sales.

    • NCR Enterprise Manager

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      NCR Enterprise Manager is a cloud-based solution that gives owners, executives and managers an innovative POS (point-of-sale) solution, designed to optimise the performance of the multiple venues that make up their hospitality business. Individual and consolidated real-time views of transactions, inventory, vendors, employees and customers empower operators to develop effective strategies that transform operations and fuel business growth.

    • NCR Venue Manager

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      NCR Quest Venue Manager was designed specifically for the stadium, arena and venue management industry and integrates all point-of-sale operations for an event based facility. NCR Quest Venue Manager enables food and beverage managers and venue operators to accurately forecast event usage based on historical data. Operators can efficiently generate purchase orders, receive, transfer and monitor stock.

    • NCR Vital

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      Create more hours in the day. NCR Vital lets owners and executives effectively manage business operations, regardless of their location. Data collected from the POS system is turned into actionable information, and immediately delivered to a smartphone app, so key decision-makers can act in a timely fashion to directly impact the bottom line. A must for multi-site owners and managers on the go.

    • NCR Order to Go

      NCR Order to Go is a dynamic application that enables your guests to order online through their Smart Phone Device. Seamlessly integrated with the NCR Quest point-of-sale solution, NCR Order to Go is a fast, secure and easy option for any business. PayPal is available within the solution as a payment option, giving your guests greater choice for secure payments alongside credit or debit card options.

    • NCR Suite Catering

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      NCR Suite Catering provides advanced day ordering capabilities and event day order functionality to help deliver an exceptional suite experience. Our fully integrated solution keeps your kitchens running smoothly with PAR-level restocking, full kitchen production and kitchen label reports. It also supports multiple payment options and manages suite-specific liquor cabinets. With service capabilities like these, it’s easy to boost profitability with a superior suite experience that keeps VIPs returning for more.

    • NCR Digital Signage

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      NCR Vitalcast Digital Signage enables you to connect with customers by offering information and offers that are targeted to their needs at that moment. Organizations in a wide array of industries use our state-of-the-art, high resolution digital signboards for such applications as advertising and promotions, employee communications, digital menu boards, ticketing and box office advertising, and visitor information and directions.