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    • NCR Touch POS


      NCR Touch POS operates as a flexible POS application for multiple Operating Systems.

      Other major advantages of the NCR Touch POS are:

      • A flexible keypad layout with 255 available key locations
      • 12 selector / menu keys controlling a matrix of 6 x 6 keys, to enable logical menu layouts
      • Online changes to the keypad without the need to print overlays
      • Easy sizing of keys to enable single, double and quad sizes
      • Images on keys as a visual identification of products for the user
      • Interactive clerk keys, with clerk names displayed on the key when logged on
      • The software runs on a PC based touchscreen which in turn can be used as a standard office PC if required
      • Integrates into any existing NCR Quest Solution.

    • NCR Quest Q1515 POS

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      With its large, 15” display, the NCR Quest Q1515 touch screen POS terminal has been specifically designed for premium, high traffic service areas that require an easy-to-use yet powerful device. The Q1515 is a robust, purpose-built, and highly secure station designed around a durable touch-screen display. With its fanless cooling technology and rugged design, the Q1515 can be placed wherever the environment demands.

    • NCR QL710 Series POS

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      Designed to address the unique requirements for the hospitality industry, this essential terminal is an unquestionable price and performance leader. With a combined hybrid touchscreen and membrane keypad in a single unit, the QL710 provides robust, practical functionality. Built to provide years of reliable service in less-than-ideal food and drink service environments, this terminal will provide your staff with ease-of-use and continual operation.

    • NCR Quest QS710 POS


      The NCR Quest QS710 is custom-made for demanding indoor and outdoor operations. This innovative POS tool combines a touch screen and membrane keypad in a single unit; the industry’s first hybrid design. Designed to address the challenges of high volume, food and beverage service environments, the terminal provides critical order and sales functionality, enduring punishing usage conditions.

    • NCR Quest QS710A POS

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      The NCR Quest QS710A is custom-made for demanding indoor and outdoor operations; particularly those that require temporary or movable placement. This innovative, portable tool combines a touchscreen and membrane keypad in a single unit; the industry’s first hybrid design. The terminal provides brisk order and sales functionality for high traffic environments. Your staff will value its mobility, ease-of-use and ability to withstand inclement weather, spills and continuous operation.

    • NCR Handheld POS

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      NCR Quest Handheld POS is a small, wireless point of sale terminal that brings complete mobility to ordering and sales; providing faster, more attentive customer service. Sales volume and revenue improve simply because operators can serve more customers, more quickly. It’s ideal for those hard-to-reach food service environments at restaurants and pubs, and drink service in clubs and gaming areas.

    • NCR P1530


      The P1530 are the newest products within NCR’s mainstream line of POS terminals for the hospitality industry. The highlights of its open platform include a highly-efficient Intel Atom processor for greater performance, a bright 1024X768 LED color main display with a resistive or surface capacitive touch screen, lower power consumption and a reliable, stylish design. The mainstream POS terminals have been engineered and manufactured to provide sustainability, non-stop reliability, maximum uptimes and a low total cost of ownership. 

    • NCR Kitchen Monitor

      Help your kitchen run more accurately and efficiently when you use an NCR Kitchen Monitor system. Speed means everything in your kitchen, so leverage the system’s numerous display options remote control bump option, and printers to make every second count. Orders are appropriately and automatically split to separate food preparation displays, priorities are queued, and time elapsed displays to keeps the operation smoothly running.

    • Printers

      Improve store throughput and customer satisfaction with a POS printer designed to provide superior reliability and advanced feature functionality. NCR offers a POS printer portfolio with the features and functionality – including thermal receipt printing, impact printing, 2ST and Sticky Media – you need to transform your point of sale.

    • Cash Drawers


      Enhance the performance, functionality and appearance of your NCR POS terminals with reliable, colour coordinated cash drawers & accessories. Too many options to list, but be assured you can get the cash and check management solution that best fits your business.

    • ECM/PCM


      Setup remote kitchen printing by installing a PCM to allow the printer to be networked into QuestNet. Network your Quest Terminals using internet standard TCP/IP communication with an ECM.